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Some of the Best Tea Bungalow of Darjeeling

We all know that Darjeeling is not just a simple hill station, this place is full of awesome picturesque view of landscapes, villages, The Himalayan Mountains and some of the best collection of flora and fauna. Everyone can enjoy their stay at Darjeeling to their fullest. Darjeeling is not only the home of beautiful nature and landscapes it does consists some of the best and beautiful hotels, tea estates, and resorts. There are plenty of tourist spots which attract people to visit this place all over the world but for this you need to stay in the best affordable tea bungalow in Darjeeling.

Here are some of the tea bungalows which will give you the comfort of luxurious stays at Darjeeling.


  1. Singtom Tea Estate & Resort, Darjeeling - This resort is deemed as one of Darjeeling’s oldest tea resorts, where people are welcomed to enjoy their hospitality, experience tea tourism and many more.


  1. Glenburn Tea Estate - It is said that Glenburn was established in the year of 1859 by a Scottish Tea Company later on Glenburn was handed over to the India’s pioneering tea planting families ‘The Prakashes’. Visitors can experience wine-making process, shop for wine and local crafts. The tea estate was opened so that people can understand that how tea is being made and what are the procedures. It is kind of educational and interesting experience to gain.


  1. Sourenee Tea Estate - This tea estate is located in Mirik Valley Darjeeling it is around one hundred years old estate spread over a span of 137 hectares, altitudes ranging between 2500 ft - 5000 ft. This estate was also being awarded as the finest in the world.


  1. Chamong Chiabari - Apart from all the resorts/tea estates that we have come to know about Chamong Chiabari is the oldest and one the greatest. Chamong Chiabari is nestled in a valley amidst the amazing Himalayan ranges, which offer visitors to get the picturesque views of the beautiful nature. Chamong Chiabari tea estate is known to be the travelers’ paradise. It is one of the luxury resort which offers their guests the world’s most stunning mountaintop locations at an elevation of 4800 ft. above sea level.


Get to know about the best darjeeling tea garden resort

We all have come to know that Chamong chiabari is one of the oldest and the best tea estates present in the mountaintops of Darjeeling where travelers and visitors can have the best breathtaking picturesque views of the amazing Himalayan ranges, feel the cool breeze of the beautiful nature, experience how tea is processed, and get an awesome affordable luxurious stay in at this super cool Darjeeling tea garden resort. People who have visited Chamong Chiabari tea estate has briefed that this resort does offers the best gateway the mundane and chaotic everyday city life. People are able to get cordial, friendly and hospitable people around, the resort is affordable at breakneck prices with excellent food and spacious rooms.

Visitors all over the world who come to Darjeeling do plan their stay at Chamong Chiabari so that they can get the pure taste of nature and can acquaint themselves with the beautiful attractions nearby. The resort is just mind blowing and awesome at the same time.

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